Prayer for You (Done By Me) Done within 12-24hrs! 20 minute prayer (Love, Career, Wishes, Blockages)

Prayer for You (Done By Me) Done within 12-24hrs! 20 minute prayer (Love, Career, Wishes, Blockages)

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I conduct the prayers with candle work, offerings to the universe including platters of fresh food and a cleansing ritual with x3 round of 108 mantras depending on what the prayer is for. 

Feeling stuck and need a boost in your life? I offer healing prayers to provide relief and send a powerful energy into the universe. All prayers done on the same day *(within 12-24hrs)* from receiving your payment & information (first name only). I accept clients worldwide!


After purchasing you will receive a link for a downloadable file, which explains the below information for your convenience as well.

Please email me at: with your order number and first name. Please send a little description of what the prayer is for.  

Once I have received your information, I will conduct the prayer and then email you back to let you know how it went. Please check your junk mail or spam as emails can sometimes end up there. Everything is confidential and never shared with anyone else.

Please note that prayers to wish someone ill or harm upon someone else, cannot be done. If you are wishing to have relief from third party situations or people that are mean and rude then it can be done. This is a prayer and therefore please don't expect a quick fix. It can take time for prayers to be answered. 

**PLEASE READ: As seen in all the listings on my website, the price you pay is in British Pounds (£). If you are wondering what this is in your countries' currency, please use a currency convertor. Once you have paid the currency conversion will be on your statement. I accept international clients.**

Lots of love,

Moonlight Guidance (Chandni).