SAME DAY YES or NO ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Reading (Delivered Within 12 hours)

SAME DAY YES or NO ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS Reading (Delivered Within 12 hours)

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Need some guidance in your path or a simple YES or NO answer to decide something? This is a service where I answer your questions with a YES or NO via a written email back to you. You will get approx 1 sentence just to clarify the answer.

All readings done on the same day *(within 12HRS)* from receiving your payment & information (Clear Questions). I accept clients worldwide!

Please note that the price reflects the fact that I do the readings very quickly for you in a VERY short turn around time. It is also due to my many years of reading for thousands of clients worldwide and level of accuracy provided. This is to ensure that your burning questions are answered very quickly and with accuracy.


Please email me at: with your order number, first name and date of birth or sun sign. Along with your questions (up to the amount stated for the option you purchased). Questions must be phrased for a clear for a yes or no answer. If you want to know a timeframe please ask questions like "will it happen in (X amount) of months?" So I can provide a yes or no. You can submit background information, if you wanted to.

Please note that topics around medical health, death or lawsuits cannot be answered. 

Once I have received your information, I will write the answers to your questions and send it back to your email. This is a written service. Please check your junk mail or spam as emails can sometimes end up there. Everything is confidential and never shared with anyone else.

I intend to provide you with lots of detail and clarity in your path using tarot and connecting to spirit guides to give you your answers.

Lots of love,

Moonlight Guidance (Chandni).